young happy people in an rehab alumni programCompleting treatment for drug and alcohol addiction can be both an exciting and stressful experience. It means you’ve taken the first step toward overcoming your addiction and your underlying issues — but this is only the beginning of your new life. An alumni program can help you continue this journey.

Here at the Good Life, one of our core philosophies is that recovery should be an enjoyable experience. We strive to balance counseling and therapeutic workshops with various wellness activities that include fishing, snorkeling, and much more.

Good fun goes hand-in-hand with good friends, and by the time you graduate from our treatment program, you will have built some friendships that will last for a lifetime. You’re officially a member of the Good Life family, and like any other family, we still take care of each other even after we go our separate ways.

Our Rehab Alumni Program

This is where our client alumni group comes in. We started this program because we want to stay in touch with you. We want to hear about you and how your personal recovery journey is going.

We want to let you know that, no matter what, you always have a support network of friends and professionals to turn to if life in sobriety gets rough. That support network is your friends and family at the Good Life.

How Does Our Rehab Alumni Program Work?

Living as an alumnus of the Good Life’s treatment program is about more than sticking a feather in your cap. It’s about continuing what you started during treatment, from the personal growth to maintaining your sobriety to nurturing the friendships you’ve forged here.

We regularly hold alumni meetings to check in with all members who wish to attend. There, we catch up with one another and talk about everything on our minds, whether it’s schoolwork or romantic relationships or struggling to stay sober.

But that’s not all! The fun doesn’t stop after you leave treatment, and when you’re an alumnus of the Good Life, you’re always invited to our regularly scheduled alumni events. This includes everything from pizza and bowling to snorkeling and scuba diving!

Why Join Our Alumni Program?

Group of recovering addicts celebrating at the beachAttending our alumni meetings doesn’t guarantee that you will stay sober, but it virtually guarantees that you stay satisfied and centered in your sobriety. Almost without exception, our alumni identify themselves as being happy, serene and grateful for our program.

Why is this? It’s because their alumni program has kept them active and engaged in the recovery community. It’s allowed them to continue fostering personal relationships that turn into friendships and sober support. Most importantly, it’s kept them out of isolation and deeply involved in the fun activities that make sobriety worthwhile.

As we often say, it’s difficult to relapse when you surround yourself with good people. And it’s even more difficult when you’re enjoying sobriety for the first time in your life.

Our Family Alumni Program

To the family and friends of our clients: we haven’t forgotten about you, either! When your loved one is in our program, we put great emphasis on the fact that addiction is a family disease — and that fact remains even after your loved one completes our program.

In addiction, families suffer together. In treatment, families heal together. And after treatment, they continue to recover together. That’s why our alumni program encompasses both clients and their families. If your loved one has attended our addiction treatment program, we strongly urge them to partake in our alumni program, and we strongly urge you to participate in our family alumni program.

Whether you are a mother or father, brother or sister, spouse or even just a close personal friend, all are welcome to join. Whether or not you realize it, you share a bond with all other family members. That bond is your unconditional love for someone afflicted with addiction.

Family and friends who join our alumni program can find the same support and sober fun that our clients enjoy. They lean on one another when times are hard, and they celebrate together when times are good. They attend Alanon and Alateen meetings together, and they share in the growth that comes from each other’s personal experiences.

Life doesn’t stop after you complete our program. In fact, the good life — your new life in sobriety — only begins then. And we want to be with you as you take that journey. Call 866.271.7341 to learn more.