woman sitting on couch experiencing the outpatient rehab experienceAttending addiction treatment is the hardest thing most people ever do. The rehab experience of having a loved one seek professional help is the hardest thing most families ever go through.

No matter what side of the equation you’re on, treatment’s frightening and overwhelming to say the least. Well, here at The Good Life, we try our best to make the treatment process as simple as possible.

Our founders and many of our staff are in long-term recovery and have sat on both sides of the chair. We know – deep in our guts – the uncertainty and fear you’re experiencing.

Guess what? We also know the incredibly powerful change treatment and recovery produce!

We’ve seen lives saved and changed. We’ve seen the light come back on in our clients’ eyes. We’ve seen families restored and reunited. The feeling of being able to participate in this change is nothing short of humbling and miraculous.

All of which is a long way of saying that we take treatment seriously here at The Good Life. If you’re wondering just what that treatment looks like, find out what to expect from our program below.

The Rehab Experience: A Clinical Day

While our schedule’s constantly being updated and refined to reflect the latest breakthroughs in evidence-based care and to offer you or your loved one the best possible treatment experience, it does follow a basic outline.

A day at The Good Life goes a little something like this:

  • 9am to Noon – Groups Workshops, & Individual Sessions
  • Noon to 6pm – Individual Sessions, Job Search & Other Life Skill Development, Outside 12-Step Meetings, & Personal Time
  • 6 to 9pm – Groups, Workshops, & Individual Sessions

The entire clinical day is given to Wellness Activities on Wednesday or Thursday (depending on your level of care and progress in our program).

Our clients continue their recovery process even when the clinical day ends. Thanks to the benefits of Community Living, they’re able to engage with their peers in positive reinforcement and peer therapy from morning to night.

It’s important to note the above is just an outline of what the rehab experience at The Good Life’s like. Our schedule is subject to change and you or your loved one’s experience may be different.

The Family Experience

Now that you know how our clients experience The Good Life program, the questions becomes how does the family experience it? That is – what should you expect if you have a loved one in our program?

The first and most important thing you can expect while your loved one’s with us is peace of mind.

You can rest assured knowing your loved one’s safe in a drug-free environment. More importantly, you can rest assured knowing they’re entering an unrivaled period of reflection and growth.

You can expect to be involved in your loved one’s treatment and recovery process. While the extent of this involvement varies family to family, you’ll be as involved as is clinically sound.

You can expect regular updates on your loved one’s progress, challenges, and triumphs. This includes access to our staff 24/7. While we can’t guarantee you’ll be able to reach our Clinical Director at 3am, you will be able to reach a staff member no matter the hour.

For more information – or to speak to a recovery professional and start your loved one’s recovery process – call us today at 866.271.7341!