When it comes to addiction recovery, there are hundreds of different treatment modalities that treatment centers swear by. However, one of the oldest and most widely-used addiction treatment methods involves 12 straightforward guidelines. This modality is a 12 step recovery program.

About Our 12 Step Recovery Program

man smiling in a 12 step recovery programRecovering from addiction isn’t easy. Make no mistake, it’s simple… but not easy. You need support, patience, a sincere desire to change people, places, and things that aren’t helping you grow, and much more.

This is especially true in early recovery. When the substances wear off and the fog lifts, you’re left with emotions, memories, and feelings that are both raw and painful. To get through them clean and sober, you’re going to want support and lots of it!

This vital support comes in many different forms. Sometimes it’s family guidance. Other times it’s a close group of friends who have your back no matter what. Still other times it’s a 12 step recovery program and other self-help groups.

In our 12 step recovery program, our professional counselors guide you and your group through the 12 steps. Traditionally, the 12 step program is very spiritual, and many of the steps rely on calling to a higher power for guidance. However, for those who are not religious, this power can be anything. A 12 step program is what you make of it. Generally, it provides a solid groundwork for tackling issues related to substance abuse.

The 12 Steps

The 12 steps were originally outlined in the Big Book and defined by Alcoholics Anonymous. Of course, these steps can be used for any type of substance abuse treatment. The original 12 steps of a 12 step recovery program are:

  • Admit you are powerless to control your addiction
  • Trust and believe that a higher power can guide you
  • Turn control over to your higher power
  • Take a personal inventory of character strengths and weaknesses
  • Admit to your higher power, yourself, and someone else the wrongs that you’ve done
  • Prepare for the higher power to correct your shortcomings
  • Ask your higher power to remove said shortcomings
  • Create a list of wrongs you’ve done to others and preparing to make amends
  • Contact those you’ve hurt and apologize (unless doing so would be harmful to the individual)
  • Continue to develop your personal inventory
  • Pursue a connection with your higher power through meditation or prayer
  • Spread the philosophy of the 12 steps to others who need it

As you work through the 12 steps, you’ll understand that 12 step recovery is not necessarily a linear process. Each step takes time, and some individuals stay stuck on steps for longer than others. Or, some people proceed through the steps and then step back to previous ones. Your 12 step recovery journey is your own.

Start Living the Good Life with the 12 Step Recovery West Palm Beach offers

At The Good Life Treatment Center, we understand how personal the 12 step therapy journey can be. It takes a lot of self-reflection and humility to work through. However, once you reach the other side, you can begin living the Good Life of recovery.

Located in West Palm Beach, The Good Life Treatment Center is a comprehensive addiction treatment facility that focuses on personal growth and wellness. We accept limited clientele to ensure that each of our clients receives the individualized and compassionate care that they need. In addition to providing the best 12 step recovery West Palm Beach can offer, our other rehab therapy programs include:

If you have any questions – about 12-step recovery, secular recovery, or anything related to early-recovery support systems – don’t hesitate to reach out and call us at 866.271.7341. We want to see you succeed!