happy people standing on a boat asking what makes a good drug and alcohol rehab

What Makes A Good Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

You’re probably enduring some of the hardest times of your life if you’re searching for a Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Rehabilitation Program. Whether its for yourself or a loved one, its simply overwhelming, discouraging, and stressful. There are so many treatment centers claiming to be the best, boasting their fancy facilities, and guaranteeing recovery. While there many great programs out there, there are just as many that are simply insurance…


Jax’s Recovery Journal – Day 1

 Hi everyone. My name is Jaxon but people usually just call me Jax. Today is my first day clean and sober and I feel like shit to be perfectly honest plus its my 24th birthday.  I did this to myself though. I have so much guilt and shame for the things I’ve put my family through over the years of my addiction and I’m…