We’re a different kind of treatment center here at the Good Life. This spirit of innovation stems from the first day our founders sat down and created a unique vision of what our treatment mission should be.

Born partly as an alternative to the merry-go-round of other treatment centers – where clients are often on a roller coaster of relapse after relapse – our strength comes from an alternative approach to holistic recovery of body, mind, and spirit.

We accomplish this lofty goal through a variety of wellness modalities, 12-step incorporation, intensive therapy, and a focus on having fun in sobriety!

Read on to learn more about our treatment mission, values, and goals.

Our Treatment Mission & Passion

Our mission at The Good Life is to help you recover. Our passion is saving lives.

The main reason we exist is to help people who are in danger of losing their lives, livelihoods, families, and relationships to addiction.

We’ve found a way home. We help you find this same way by developing and strengthening your inner and outer lives, coping mechanisms, support systems, and spiritual resources.

We’re not in this field to get rich. We’re here to give you the tools to set yourself free from the pain of alcoholism and substance abuse. We’re here because we’ve been where you are and discovered a way out.

We’re here to help you build a foundation that will support you through all of life’s ups and downs.

We know that recovery isn’t just possible – it’s within everyone’s grasp. At the end of the day, this is and always will be our driving force.

Our Values

We’re proud to call the Good Life both a spiritual and a practical program. That means we’re based in the 12-steps, but incorporate a number of other spiritual, health, and wellness components to offer a comprehensive and inclusive type of recovery.

We teach both the spiritual and practical side to love, tolerance, kindness, honesty, forgiveness, understanding, introspection, and helping others.

We do this by teaching, guiding, and cheering for you. We share what’s worked for us and for the millions of other people in long-term recovery.

It’s important to stop here and note that spirituality isn’t a religious concept. Having faith in a Higher Power and recovery often begins by believing and confiding in another person.

The Value of One Addict Helping AnotherWhich brings us to another core value here at the Good Life – the power of one person helping another.

Our compassionate and experienced staff are available and onsite 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We’ve here to offer you a better tomorrow starting today!

We realize that many people struggling with addiction need more than one attempt to get and stay sober. We’ve lived it – painful relapse after painful relapse. Thanks to our hard-won experience, we value second (and third, fourth, and fifth) chances here.

No one wants to relapse after a period of sobriety. That’s just how powerful the disease of addiction is. If you want recovery – if you’re ready to live a completely free life and join a close community working towards a common goal – you’ll find it at the Good Life.

Finally, we value fun!

We know there are far fewer temptations and triggers when you learn to have fun in recovery. That’s why part of our treatment program is centered on entertaining and invigorating wellness activities.

Our Goals

Addicts in Recovery Helping One Another treatment missionAddicts in Recovery Helping One AnotherWe only have two goals here at the Good Life. Our first, and most important, is simple – to help as many people as we can.

Sometimes this help comes by entering our program. Sometimes it’s something else entirely.

If, for example, you or your loved one need help but can’t come to Florida, we can offer our experience, strength, and hope by referring you to a trusted program in your state.

Our second goal is make sure that everyone who does enter our program has the best possible experience. This means there’s no cookie-cutter treatment plans or therapy here.

Rather, we offer an individualized and specialized experience from your first call to the day your graduate our program.

Some of this comes in the form of unique wellness activities. Some comes from a small client census. Some comes from the benefit of these two combined.

If these sound good to you, contact us at 866.271.7341 today to start your recovery journey!